brunch bites


egg in a hole  11

two eggs in brioche toast, house smoked bacon, seasonal greens, champagne vinaigrette

pork belly  13

two soft boiled eggs, smoked grits, caramelized onions, spaghetti squash, pork candy

egg sandwich  10

herbed foccacia, aioli, iceberg lettuce, wild mushroom

japanese omelet “tamago”  12

chorizo, tempura shiso leaves, cana de oveja, scallions

pigs in a blanket  13

soppressata, hot coppa, genoa salami, prosciutto, arugula, asian pear, apple cider vinaigrette

eggs royale  14

two sous vide eggs, crispy hash browns, cold smoked salmon, mandarin hollandaise, caviar, chive, dill

tofu hash  12

snap peas, maitake mushrooms, red onions, garlic confit, farro, almond

soft scrambled eggs  12

artichoke hearts, edamame, fromage blanc, piquillo peppers

the NEW chambers burger  14

charred yellow onion, iceberg lettuce, house pickles, estero gold cheese, sesame bun, spiced kennebec fries

thick cut bacon  +3

shaved avocado  +2.5

little gem lettuce  12

sous vide egg, radish, shiitake mushroom, tarragon, preserved meyer lemon, champagne vinaigrette

farmer’s market vegetables  12

forbidden rice, tokyo turnips, butternut squash, rosemary, harissa, chickweed

side bites


spiced french toast  12

huckleberry compote, vanilla whipped cream, bourbon syrup

souffle pancake  12

apple chutney, membrillo, maple ice cream

seasonal fruit bowl  11

greek yogurt, vaudovan nuts

agave nectar granola  10

hazelnut, cashew, spun honey, straus yogurt

coffee cake  5

pecans, creme fraiche frosting


sweet bites


two eggs any style  3.5

seasonal fruit cup  7

togarashi biscuits & gravy  6

marble potato home fries  4

house smoked pork belly  4.5

chicken maple sausage  4

challah toast with compote  5

mixed green salad  5